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“She and her staff always present only the most highly skilled talent, I see them as true partners”

-Stephanie F. (Big 4 Client)

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Your resume should open the door for a dialog and it should clearly explain your skill set. Remember, you only have about a minute to keep someone interested enough to keep reading your resume. If they lose interest it gets pushed aside until it finally gets lost permanently.

Make sure you have all your contact information on your resume! Name, address, as many phone numbers that apply and an email address.

Take the time to prepare your resume. The most effective resume is a chronological resume beginning with your most recent experiences.

Be sure to use key words to get the readers attention.

Example #1. If you are seeking a sales role use key words and phrases; "sales quota", "sales target" and show percentages using the % key and use the $ sign key to show your sales numbers and target numbers, etc. If permitted, use client names that you sold to!

Example #2. If you’re looking for an SAP HR job, use key words and phrases; "Full life cycle" or FLC, configure, SAP HR, SPA XX, implemented, project, etc. If you managed a project tell the decision maker how many people were on the project, how long was the project, dollar amount of project and were you on time and within budget. If you’ve been through a full life cycle (s), put it on the resume!

Take the guess work out of the reader’s hands. A busy executive does not want to pick up the phone to call a candidate the “might” be a fit only to have that candidate try and sell him/her on their qualifications. Remember KEY WORDS will get the attention of an executive very quickly.

When listing your jobs, be sure to use bold print for company names, your titles and dates of employment. Be sure to list your education beginning with the most recent formal education. Be sure to list your degree, major, minor, and year of graduation.

If a recruiter or HR person suggests making some changes to your resume, don’t take offense. Understand that recruiters read resumes all day long and know what their clients or hiring managers are looking for. Also, be sure to share your resume to get opinions and have it proofed for errors. USE SPELL CHECK!