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“She and her staff always present only the most highly skilled talent, I see them as true partners”

-Stephanie F. (Big 4 Client)

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sustainability at hire Solutions

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Our Specialty:  We provide Information Technology recruiting services to global leaders in North America.  Our conduct is measured by our ability to consistently deliver ethics, integrity, proficiency and quality without compromise. Trust lies in the heart of the value we deliver to our customers and to society. Our collective goal is to excel in the way we do business through professional excellence.

Human Capital:Our employees are our most important asset. Our responsibilities are to ensure that our employees are treated with respect and treated fairly. We want everyone to be empowered to positively contribute to our business success and our sustainability initiatives. Our shared goal is to improve our social performance. Direct social impact is defined by our company vision and corporate values, as well as adhering to the EICC, our respect for human rights, our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy, and our human resources and procurement policies and practices. Another people-focused and concern issues are diversity, the number of women on the board, equal pay and training hours offered to our employees.

Environment:  As a small services business our environmental impact is minimal compared with many other industries.  One of the big advantages to our industry is telecommuting.  Not only does this provide cost savings for employers while increasing the quality of life for employees, it also has a direct positive impact on the environment and our society at large.  Working virtually allows us to use less gas for transportation, which reduces commuter congestion and carbon emissions and lessens the U.S.’s reliance on foreign oil. In addition, keeping employees working virtually reduces the impact on land, water and air quality by decreasing the amount of building development. Such actions can benefit the employer not only in its relationship with employees but also in its corporate relationships in the community. HiRe Solutions invest in tools and systems necessary to improve our production and bottom line rather than spending this capitol on rental space and real estate which uses more of our valuable natural resources.

Other environmental considerations HiRe Solutions has adopted are:

  • All computers, laptops and monitors are equipped with a “power-down” or “sleep mode” feature which lowers energy consumption.
  • Keeping our air filters clean and maintained helps keep the air clean and the temperature regulated.
  • HiRe Solutions has the technologies available to all employees and clients that allow for online meetings reducing the impact of travel.
  • All employees are on direct deposit for payroll checks.  We no longer print and mail checks, and even pay stubs are emailed and stored for the employee’s access.
  • We offer a paperless, web-based application process for our candidates.
  • When it’s necessary to print our printers are set to double-sided printing.

Community:  We always make it a point to purchase repurposed and recycled materials.  We always minimize unnecessary employee travel, reducing energy and water consumption whenever possible. Litter pick up is a daily routine at HiRe Solutions to help beautify our community.  We also make it a point to help others in need by:        

  • Donating money to local charities
  • Donating money for natural disasters and catastrophes
  • Offering a workplace recycling program
  • Using virtual tools to conduct meetings
  • Using energy-efficient equipment and lighting systems

Corporate governance:  Governance and risk management are defined by laws and regulations, financial systems, internal controls, policies and procedures, and the direct and indirect impacts of our sustainability services. HiRe Solutions is committed to maintaining accepted standards of governance and business integrity, across our operations and in our approach to sustainability. Our Sustainability Management System defines and measures the Company’s sustainability impacts, as well as how we implement programs, and monitor and communicate our progress. We use a sophisticated, secure, recruiting system with a financial back office as well as a local accounting firm and payroll firm to help consolidate sustainability data, and track performance.

Member of the Energy Star Small Business Network:


We consistently monitor and self-assess our compliance and meet or exceed all recommended Energy Star Compliance guidelines. We also adhere to EPA small business recommendations. We love are planet and want a sustainable business model for future growth.

We are firm believers in HUMAN RIGHTS!  We are also firm believers in ANMIMAL RIGHTS!  Please Donate Today.